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March 2, 2016, Project Progress: moving forward into the Spring!


With the two toughest months of winter behind us now, it’s been great to stop and reflect on my great start in this endeavor.   So far, I am thankful for relatively good snow, safe conditions, and successful summits and ski descents.

I made it through January and February with a nice start to skiing 10 peaks.  A few of the days were very windy, and I just had to put my head down and go, while several of the days there were perfect winter conditions and almost no wind.  As a whole I have enjoyed skiing these peaks immensely, and of course revisiting 14ers that I have a huge history with, to say the least.

As the days get longer, the snow conditions will settle, and I can pick up my pace a bit through March.  Today is March 2nd, and at this time I am 2 peaks ahead of Chris Davenport’s pace.  On March 2nd he had skied his 8th 14er on this date 10 years ago today.  I am definitely inspired by his feat, and I am going to do the best I can to ski as many peaks as I can as we move towards the spring here on these mighty Colorado 14ers.

Moving forward, there will be blog updates as I continue this project, so please follow along and enjoy the adventure.   Also, on the “Skiing the 14ers” menu bar, past trips and the first peaks skied so far will be updated with posts, so that the adventure and stories are shared.

See you on the next ski descent!

-Dr. Jon